‘A’ stands for adventure, but only you can determine what the rest of the alphabet stands for.

1. Entries must be from a current H.O.G.® member and must be for one person only. If a Full and an Associate member both wish to enter, each must submit separate entries.

2. Entries must include at least 26 photos. ALL of the following elements must be in EVERY photo you submit:
• Your Harley-Davidson® motorcycle
• An issue of HOG® magazine 2015 (or issue 4/2014 until March 31, 2015).
• An ‘official sign’.
You must be in at least 10 of the 26 pictures. Entries must include a list of each city/town, county, municipality, state, province, country or event. Photos in front of H-D® dealers must have the name of the city/village/town written on the back of the photo.
The English translations of location names in alphabets other than Latin, such as Arabic, Cyrillic or Greek, will also be accepted. Eg: Θεσσαλονίκη will be accepted under T for Thessaloniki, جدة will be accepted under J for Jeddah.

3. An ‘official sign’ is:
• A sign posted by a government body, which lies within the boundaries of the place it identifies (mileage/kilometre markers or directional signs are not allowed)
• Government buildings with the name of the city/village/town or state on them such as post offices, police stations, etc.

4. The name of the city/village/town, county, municipality, state, country etc. must appear legibly on the ‘official sign’ in the photo to receive points.

5. Each entry for an authorised Harley-Davidson dealership must include a receipt, business card or compliment slip from the dealership. If closed, the picture must clearly show the ‘closed’ sign and has to be legible.

6. You must be on your own Harley-Davidson motorcycle or standing close to it. Photos where your own bike cannot be recognised or with motorcycles on trailers are not eligible.

7. You may include entries featuring a Harley-Davidson motorcycle hired to you through Authorized Tours & Rentals. A copy of the rental contract must be provided.

8. Due to the distances travelled in Africa and India, H.O.G. members may include recognised Game Reserves under the Countries section of the entry form.

9. Please attach a separate sheet where entries exceed the available space provided on the official form. The additional sheet must include your name and H.O.G. number and be firmly attached to the official form.

10. Names of winners will be published in HOG magazine. All photos submitted will become the property of Harley-Davidson Motor Company and may be used in HOG magazine or online.

11.Send entries to H.O.G.® Customer Care Centre. All entries must be postmarked no later than December 31, 2015. All awards will be announced in spring 2016.

12. Photos must qualify as outlined above to be eligible for points. Points are awarded for signs as follows:
• One point for each city (or equivalent, i.e. village, town, municipality) within the Europe, Middle East, and Africa region – signs from A to Z. Max. 26 points.
• One point for each country, province, county, shire, borough, département in France, canton in Switzerland, Bundesland in Germany, territory or State, Drift or Pass. Maximum 30 points.
• One point for each US State/Canadian Province. Maximum 50 points.
• Two points for each official H.O.G. Rally or H-D® event as advertised in HOG magazine, eZine or online at, or No maximum.
• One point for each natural/national park. Maximum 2 points.
• One point for each of the six Harley-Davidson US facilities, the Harley-Davidson Museum™ or the Oxford office of Harley-Davidson Europe. Maximum seven points.
(You and HOG magazine must feature but your motorcycle is NOT required for these points.)
• One point for any authorised Harley-Davidson dealership. An authorised Harley-Davidson dealership must include a receipt, business card or compliment slip from the dealership. No maximum.

13. The following prizes will be awarded:
• First place: Print/image from Harley-Davidson Museum signed by Bill Davidson; exclusive ABCs of Touring Contest clock; Harley-Davidson FXRG® Jacket
• Second place: Exclusive hand-designed art piece by Ray Drea, H-D Chief Stylist; three pieces from Premium Touring Luggage Collection
• Third place: Harley-Davidson Illumination 360° Rain Suit and Harley-Davidson Performance Boots; H.O.G. Roadside Assistance Programme: free membership for one year
• 5 to 25 points: ABCs pin, patch and baseball cap
• 26 to 51 points: ABCs pin, patch, baseball cap and helmet bag
• 52 to 77 points: ABCs pin, patch, baseball cap, helmet bag and Bar & Shield logo picture frame
• 78 and above: ABCs pin, patch, baseball cap, helmet bag, Bar & Shield logo picture frame and ABCs jacket*

IN THE INTEREST OF FAIRNESS, NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE TO THE PRECEDING RULES. In the event of a tie, a draw will be held. The decision of the judges is final in all cases.

Send entries by post only with hard copies to: ABCs of Touring, Harley Owners Group, Customer Care Centre, The Arvato Building, Eastpoint Business Park, Fairview, Dublin 3, Ireland. * Entrants with 78 points and above must indicate jacket size on the form (available sizes: Men Small-4X, Women S-3X)