Rene’s Story

I was in grade 5, I know that's “flippen” long ago, when my brother gave me his 50 cc to ride to the corner and back, showing me how to change gears, but with all the excitement I forgot how to change gears and did it there and back in 1st gear, needless to say that was the end of my riding with my “boet's” bike.

In 2012 I visited friends that I haven’t seen for years and him being a biker , listened to his stories about rides and brotherhood , and felt that , that’s what i need in my life , excitement ,brotherhood and interesting new people. So with this in mind, I went for a few riding lessons with Linlee Solms and enjoyed it thoroughly, got my learners in August of 2013 and bought my first bike for myself on my birthday in Jan 2014, “nogal” a Cleveland Bobber 250cc. It took me one trip to Slanghoek to realize our relationship will be short and the need for a bigger bike began nagging me.rene

A few months later I responded to an ad on Gumtree for a Harley for sale and ended up speaking to Tyrone at the CT dealership. As i walked into the dealership I saw George Hansen. We worked together years ago, and as the saying goes ‘the rest is history’. Hermien took me under her wing and pushed me to do longer rides and my confidence grew and today I feel like I have done this all my life.

One thing though, all I heard when I listened to stories about biking – the fun, the brotherhood, the feeling of freedom you as a rider experience – is absolutely true.

Thank you Tyrone, George and Hermien, you came into my life at exactly the right time.