Thelma’s Story

One morning when waking, I told my partner “Today is the day I buy a Harley!”

thelma2He looked at me in total disbelief. “No, it is not safe to ride a bike in these times, you will be killed and I will not be part of this.”

Well I do not want to be killed either, but being the person I am and doing as I please, which is not always the best thing to do, I went on Gumtree, saw a blue Sportster, phoned the owner and made an appointment for the same day,

Let me tell you a bit about myself. I grew up in a Bull Terrier home with other children and went to church or outings to dog shows. As a family we were very close and I grew up in the back streets of Parow next to the railway line. My grandparents lived between the school and our home. From the age of eight I stopped for lunch at my grandparents and this is where it all began. My “oupa”, then medically boarded would let me sit on his lap while he fixed watches – a huge man with huge hands doing such delicate work, while we listened to classical music. But the best place for me was in his shed, sitting on one of his Harley’s. These were rusted and not in use but were still his pride and passion. Sitting on the largest, I promised myself, after listening to all my grandfather’s stories, I too would have a Harley one day.

I had ridden a 50cc motorbike from the age of eighteen but the day arrived when to the disbelief of the owner I arrived in shorts and “plakkies” to buy the blue Sportster. I certainly did not look like a biker! The next day my partner, who has had a bike license for thirty years, rode my new bike home for me.
This was the start of his Harley journey as the Harley bug had bitten him too.

The following Saturday we went into the Harley dealership where Hermien, smiling from ear to ear greeted us. We became part of the Harley Cape Town Chapter and have never looked back. I am on my third Harley today, and thanks to Cape Town Chapter’s love and assistance over the years, my life has changed from being work-centered to being part of a loving, caring family.

Thank you H.O.G. Cape Town Chapter and Harley-Davidson!